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We are the best platform for gathering people, resources, and knowledge /consolidating the industry’s best auditors/maritime consultants. We are looking for freelancers, permanent employees, auditing/ consulting professionals, or maritime industry-connected persons who want to develop their auditing/consulting skills or gain auditing experience.

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We are trying to find a perfect match of consultants and auditors to fit the customers’ needs. We strive to follow perfectionism in our business. Our services are tailored individually to the needs of our customers. Every audit is different. This approach/solution needs to be applied on a case-by-case basis. Even though there are specific standard points in our acting, we always think “out of the box.” It allows us to detect even small gaps and present them to our customers to improve audited/consulted organizations. It is not a “tick box” audit, but we strive to give a tremendous take-away to our customers, bring value, and change the organization for the better.

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